Fee Structure

Driving lessons Are Not Required in order to take the road exam with Wolf Driving School.
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Driving Lessons

  • Most students need a Minimum of six lessons. Some students, depending on their rate of attaining driving skills, may need more than six lessons.

Use of Wolf Driver Training School Car:

  • After six or more driving lessons have been completed, use of our car for the test when at the DMV is $65 per hour. If taking the test at our location the total cost is $100.

  • Use of the car for additional driving tests may be subject to a higher fee.

  • If less than six lessons have been taught, then additional fees may apply.

SIX is BETTER THAN THREE! We use a six hour lesson format. Many other schools will cram their lesson time into just three lessons. We take pride and strongly believe in repetition training and the more times students can get behind the wheel with an instructor, the more prepared and confident they will be at test time.”

Driving Lessons

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