Fee Structure

Driving lessons Are Not Required in order to take the road exam with Wolf Driving School.
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Immediate Lebanon, Palmyra/ Hershey  PA Driver Exam Dates & Times Currently Available.

Driving Lessons

  • Most students need a Minimum of six lessons. Some students, depending on their rate of attaining driving skills, may need more than six lessons.

Use of Wolf Driver Training School Car:

  • After six or more driving lessons have been completed, use of our car for the test when at the DMV is $80 per hour. If taking the test at our location the total cost is $100.

  • Use of the car for additional driving tests may be subject to a higher fee.

  • If less than six lessons have been taught, then additional fees may apply.

Flexible & Adaptive Learning! “We understand that every student’s needs, driving skills and schedules are different and take great pride in offering a driving lesson plan tailored to each individual. “

Driving Lessons

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