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Formerly as Karl Wolf Jr. Driver Training, Our founder, Karl Wolf, Jr., taught his first driving student in September 1972. He served and taught over 1,235 students until his death in November 2006.

Our company feels that continuing education is highly important in this field to stay current.  With that in mind, our instructors regularly attend workshops and conferences in the field of driver education to stimulate thinking and enhance their instructional techniques.

PennDot Certified Instructors

Our Current Team of Trained Instructors, PennDOT Certified Examiners & Schedulers:

Skip Wolf – Trained Instructor

Libby Moyer – Trained Instructor, Certified Examiner

Eric Tobias – Trained Instructor, Certified Examiner

Michael Burdge – Trained Instructor, Certified Examiner

Adam Sandoe – Trained Instructor

Jim Tobias – Trained Instructor

Matt Speicher – Trained Instructor

Tony Smith – Trained Instructor

Tisa Cerminara – Trained Instructor, Certified Examiner

Beth Shay – Trained Instructor

Helene Bennett – Trained Instructor

Dean Readler – Certified Examiner – Trained Instructor

Tim Shannon – Trained Instructor

Holly Plummer – Trained Instructor, Certified Examiner

Jen Trovinger – Trained Instructor

Ron Buch – Certified Examiner

Loren Miller, Trained Instructor

 Lindsay Gristick РCertified Examiner

Certified Schedulers

Gabriel Tobias

Mary Moyer

Lindsay Gristick

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